2017 Seed Auction by the PGPGA - last updated 11/22/16 8:30 AM

The auction will be held in the Big Pumpkins Chat Room on Sunday, January 8, 2017, 8 PM EST. Listed below will be the seeds to be auctioned to help benefit the Pennsylvania Giant Pumpkin Grower's Association annual Weigh off. This auction will have some of the best and hottest seeds out there.

The PGPGA would like to thank all growers who donated seeds and Ken for hosting the auction. We are not accepting pre-bids this year and we cannot guarantee germination success.

Several of the lots offered are 2 lot multiples. Each multiple lot will have the highest bidder taking the first lot at his/her bid price and have the option of buying the remaining lot at the same bid price. Should the high bidder elect to not take the remaining lot then the second highest bidder will be responsible for the 2nd lot at his/her bid price.

Proxy bids allowed. Contact Larry Checkon at: http://www.pgpga.com/contact.htm at least 24 hours prior to the start of the auction. Please include your name, Big Pumpkins handle, address and telephone number, lot number and maximum bid.

Winning bidders must email their contact information to Larry Checkon upon completion of winning bid:
Name* Address* Email*
Screen Name* Phone*
To pay by check or money order please make out to PGPGA and send to:
Theodore Cope / PGPGA - 706 E. Cummings Ave. - Connellsville, PA 15425.
To pay with use Email pgpga.paypal@gmail.com
Lot # Seed Lots Final High Bid   Final High Bidder
Seeds to be Listed Soon
Seeds to be Listed Soon
Seeds to be Listed Soon
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